Areas of Interests: Structural Design (commercial, industrial, and infrastructure), Amusement Park/Ride Design, Construction Technology, Material Science, National Defense (blast resistant structures, vehicle armor, ordinance), and Architectural History.

Hoover Dam Bypass Construction - January 2007, I had the opportunity to visit the Bypass Construction Site. It was an amazing site as this was a few months after the highline cranes had collapsed.

Brooklyn Bridge - Spring 2007, there are few structures in the world with as storied a history as the Brooklyn Bridge. After a walk across this span (from Manhattan) the greatest reward is an ice cream cone from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory - simply the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

Hobbies: Disneyland, Video Editing and DVD authoring, Photo Editing, and Web Design

Disneyland: Since 8th grade I have been impressed by the engineering marvels created by WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering) for the Disney family of Theme Parks. My family made it an annual event to spend at least a day or two in Southern California visiting Disneyland.

Video Editing: While time rarely permits, I truly enjoy sitting behind a computer and cutting together film. Below are some excerpt of my work.

Boys of Summer - excerpt from a family trip to Newport, CA
Disney World - pictorial slide show of my honeymoon to Walt Disney World
Fantasmic Finale - Finale from the Nighttime Spectacular Fantasmic! cut together from several angles

Photo Editing: With two children and a digital camera we have amassed thousands of digital images of our family. Below are some fun uses for Photoshop.