Disneyland 60th
My trip with my Dad to the Disneyland 60th


LEGO Rover
I finally got Dad's present done and sent to him.


My take on visiting Dubai and the UAE


We signed Walter up for T-ball this week. He is very excited, opening day is April 17th if anyone is interested. I have expressed willingness to coach in the little league, though if I do more than act as assistant coach they will put Walter on my team, and I feel like he needs his own coach and will be more well behaved on someone else team, so we will see how that goes.


Disneyland Trip
Since our family has been apart for such a long time we felt it would be good to have a nice vacation to get to know each other again. We had original planned on trying to squeeze one day at Disneyland in between getting our things packed up in Arizona and Christmas at Angie's parents. Luckily we did not attempt to go through with this plan; we had absolutely no time left over between driving to Angie's parents and the move.... (read on)


Welcome to Indiana, Gates
This week was rough, if you would care to laugh at my expense read on.

We had the first snow early in the morning on Monday. When I woke up I found 2 inches of white stuff on the truck; luckily it was just powder and did not take to long to clean off. I made decent timing getting to Plainfield. The highway was just wet and moving at near regular speed. I took my exits and everything was fine, the road was fairly clear and just a little icy. I got about half-mile from the main street running through town and the road turned to a sheet of ice. I had prepared for slippery roads and put 100 pounds worth of salt in the bed of the truck.

I made the first 1/4 mile of the ice sheet relatively easily then I came to a section of the road that is banked and the rear of the truck started to slide out, I took my foot off the gas and was unable to correct the skid. I ended up on the median (h the grass was easy to drive on), got back on the road and the same thing immediately happened, though I ended up on the shoulder. I took a few minutes on the side of the road and then managed to make it the remaining way at 8 mph. With all the excitement I was amazingly only 15 minutes late. I didn't feel to bad about sliding all over the road. The towns to the north had alot more ice and other people were taking an extra 1 to 2 hours to get to work.

I still have not determined why people live where it is cold, oh well hope you laughed.


Work & Move
Gates has been at his new job with Duke Energy for two months now. He is really enjoying his time there and has been coming home as often as time and money will allow. Angie is preparing to finish her semester at ASU and getting ready for the final move. We will have our things packed up right before Christmas and then spend Christmas in San Jose. In January Gates will fly back out to San Jose and take the family to Disneyland and then on to Indianapolis. We are looking forward to being together again.


Laptop vs. Water
Angie decided to see how well my laptop would hold up to water. Luckily everything is running fine, but it took some work.


5th Anniversary
Today is our fifth anniversary. We have been in Utah for a family reunion and will probably stay for a little bit longer. Our anniversary was not very spectacular; Gates has been sick all day, though he was able to complete his present for Angie. Gates finally took the time to finish our wedding DVD. I have posted the streams from the disc at the link above.


Happy Mother's Day
Walter almost made his 3rd emergency trip this year to a medical professional. Walter has another cut, this one above his right eye. While Angie was putting dishes away Walter bent over to pick something up and when he stood back up he hit his head on an open drawer.


Arizona State University
I had my last class on Monday. I am very relieved. Seems like I have been in school forever and the end is finally here. I have three finals next Monday and Tuesday and then I am done. Graduation is on Friday the 15th, though we have no plans to spend any time at the graduation functions.

Job Search
The job search continues. I have been applying to jobs from LA to NYC. In addition to Engineering jobs we are also looking at IT related positions. The decline in construction is really limiting the number of available positions.


Disney ImagiNations Contest - Update

Early in April our team was informed that we had made it to the semi-final judging round; unfortunately, we did not receive a phone call on April 19th. We eventually received a letter stating that our project did not qualify for the final presentation round.

Arizona State University

Everything appears to be set for graduation. My senior design report is finished (our group gives our presentation next week). I have one more week of class and finals start May 6th.

Walter's Front Teeth

Monday 4/5 - Walter ran into our hutch with his front teeth. He did some pretty good damage (mostly aesthetics) to his top two front teeth. They are pushed back and one is a little skewed. They have started to turn gray, but luckily the x-rays indicate there was no damage to his permanent teeth.


Laptops, Laptops, Laptops


Disneyland January 27th (emergency Trip)


Disney ImagiNations Contest - Update

My Group's application has been accepted, we are now able to submit our project. The project submittal is due on the 28th of February, I'm biting my nails a little, but after my trip to Disneyland I am a little calmer and have higher surety of our standing. My group is very talented and we should be able to get things done.