Disneyland Trip

Since our family has been apart for such a long time we felt it would be good to have a nice vacation to get to know each other again. We had original planned on trying to squeeze one day at Disneyland in between getting our things packed up in Arizona and Christmas at Angie's parents. Luckily we did not attempt to go through with this plan; we had absolutely no time left over between driving to Angie's parents and the move.

After Christmas I came back to Indiana while Angie and the kids stayed in California for a few weeks. Before I left we felt it would be best if I came back to California to help Angie drive back to Arizona, get the car dropped off for transport, and help with the kids on the flight to Indiana. While we were contemplating the details we had also been looking at going to Disney World in the spring. In order to save a good deal of money we combined the two activities. On the way from California to Arizona we stopped at Disneyland for the week.

Of course the week we went to Disneyland it rained and rained and rained. We survived three storms and it rained (heavily) for five out of the six days. The only day it did not rain was Saturday (they day we drove back to Arizona); we stayed later than we had planned on Saturday just so that we could enjoy the sunshine.

It took a little time but Roger and Walter became accustomed to wearing their ponchos and we learned to cope with the wet. The rain slowed us down, but we were able to see and do almost everything. Walter went on every ride he was tall enough for (he could not go on: Maliboomer, Indiana Jones, California Screamin', and Tower of Terror). His favorite ride was Thunder Mountain, he also like Space Mountain and any other fast rides.

Roger was not sure about the characters and rides at first but after a couple of days he was ready to go every morning and excited when he would see the Monorail. He even went on the Matterhorn. A couple of days after getting home Roger thought it was time to go back to Disneyland and said, "go Disneyland...see Mouse".

We will certainly miss Disneyland on this side of the country; I still don't know about being a Disney World person. Hopefully we can head out there next year.