Gates' Tech - The History

This is a brief history of the computers I have had in my home, this doesn't include PDA's and other electronic devices.


IBM 5150
IBM 5155
IBM PS/2 - 55 SX (286)
IBM Thinkpad (386) Monochrome - Dad's work laptop
IBM Aptiva (200Mhz)
IBM Aptiva (500Mhz)

My Systems

1st computer built 1998.

AMD K6-2 300Mhz (66Mhz bus)
GVC Motherboard
64MB RAM (66Mhz DIMM)
8.4 GB Seagate HDD
Diamond Viper 330 AGP Video Card
Sound Blaster Live!
Antec Server Case 300watt PSU (still in use)

Upgrades to System

AMD K6-2 500Mhz (100Mhz bus)
ATI All-in-Wonder 128
12.1GB (WD), 18GB (WD), 27GB (WD), 2x45GB (IBM) HDD's

2003 New system

AMD Athlon 800Mhz
2x 45GB HDD's

This part of the history is very convoluted as many systems were configured and reconfigured.

Processors Used:

AMD Athlon 2100
AMD Duron 1800
AMD Athlon 2500 (overclocked to 3200)
AMD Athlon 2400

1st Laptop - IBM Thinkpad A31 (5 years of service)

1.9Ghz Intel Pentium M, 512MB PC 2100 RAM, 40GB HDD, 15" Display

Current Setup

Main Workstation - Jafar

Processor: AMD Athlon X2 4800
Motherboard: ASUS M2A-VM
RAM: 2x 2gig Crucial and 2x 2gig Corsair [DDR2 6400 @ 800mhz]
Video Card: ATI FireGL V8650
Storage: 2x 250 Hitachi, 2x 750 Seagate
Audio: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2

Laptop - Launchpad

Processor: Intel Core Duo - L7700 1.6ghz
RAM: 2gigs
Disk Drive: 80gig SATA
Graphics Card:
Tablet Input: Wacom 12.1" display

Media Center PC - Gizmoduck

Processor: AMD Duron
RAM: 512MB PC3200
Video Card: ATI All-in-Wonder 8500DV
Sound Card: Soundblaster Audigy
Storage: 180GB Hitachi

Car Navigation -

Motherboard: Via Mini-ITX M1000
Display: 9" Touch Screen
Processor: 1Ghz Via Processor
RAM: 512MB PC2100
Storage: 40GB Laptop
Extra: Pharos GPS

Server (web) - Moneybin

Processor: AMD Athlon 2100
RAM: 512MB PC2100
Storage: 2x 80GB RAID1

Server (data) - Reserve:

Processor: AMD Duron 1800
RAM: 1GB PC2100
Storage: 1TB & 1.5TB Seagate
Controller: Promise PCI TX4 SATA II