Gates' Tech - Launchpad

For the last year I have enjoyed the near constant companionship of my Lenovo Thinkpad X61-Tablet.

Launchpad's Specifications:

Processor: Intel Core Duo - L7700 1.6ghz
RAM: 2gigs
Disk Drive: 80gig SATA HD
Graphics Card:
Tablet Input: Wacom 12.1" display

1,001 uses:

This tablet has made a significant impact in my school, work, and geek endeavors. Since getting the Tablet my semesterly GPA has risen half-a-point. During the semester this machine contains my life, I have every note (convenient that I can simply treat the screen as a sheet of paper), every handout and every assignment that is given throughout the semester. It is amazing how I can condense 4 or 5 notebooks of paper down to a 3.5lbs laptop and have instant access to all the information I need in a searchable format.

The ability to redline PDF's has made my laptop a valuable assets at work. No more printing, marking and scanning to handle shop drawings and other documents, it's all performed digitally.

As for the geek in me, this is just one sexy piece of hardware. Photoshop is a powerful tool, but working with PS and a full fledged tablet is absolutely beautiful. It is effortless to draw, select, and touch-up.


The X61-Tablet stands in place of a fallen friend. The first Launchpad passed on in January of 2008 after performing his duties for nearly 5 years. My A31 was a great machine, a tank (10 lbs fully loaded), built tough with plenty of power. He lasted through several jobs and many semesters of school. The video ceased to work and hopes are to perform open-system-board-replacement and have Launchpad 1.0 back online as a system for Angie.