The Big Iron - updated (3/2/09)

Take a look at the server and my workstation


Launchpad is the companion I take everywhere. She (I know Launchpad isn't a girls name, it's just to sexy to call "he") keeps me organized and connect with all the info I need.

Update (8/10/09) - Last night Angie decided to see how compatible my laptop is with water. Had us worried for a while

The History

Me, Christmas 1985 with our new IBM 5155 Luggable


This area will be for the fun Disneyland stuff, if you're looking for family Disneyland pictures look here.


Walt Disney Imagineering - ImagiNations Contest

I am leading a team from ASU in the 2009 design competition put on by Disney. We have currently submitted our application and have heard back that it was in process. My group is working on creating a website with more details of our project. Currently, we have our application information posted.

Update (1/23/09) - My Group's application has been accepted, we are now able to submit our project. The project submittal is due on the 28th of February, I'm biting my nails a little, but after my trip to Disneyland I am a little calmer and have higher surety of our standing. My group is very talented and we should be able to get things done.

Update (2/25/09) - We have completed our submittal package and delivered our project. I took time off from school today and flew to Los Angeles. I rented a car and dropped the project off at the Disney Glendale office. I had enough time between dropping the project off and my return flight so I drove up to Santa Barbara and visited with my sister for a few hours. It was a very tiring trip, but I am relieved to have the project in. Now we wait.

Update (4/24/09) - Early in April our team was informed that we had made it to the semi-final judging round; unfortunately, we did not receive a phone call on April 19th. We eventually received a letter stating that our project did not qualify for the final presentation round.



Team Statistics

Update (9/2/10) - We made up our 3rd game today (rained out). We played the other 0-8 team tonight and finally WON, 19-9. We had fun tonight and have one more game next week. We will play the same team again as we are the number 9 and 10 seeded teams for the finals.

Update (8/26/10) - Loss 11-1, this was another winnable game, our defense was not up to par. This is the 3rd worst team in the league. We play the other winless team next week, hopefully we are not in last place after our next game.

Update (8/19/10) - Loss 16-6, this was a winable game for use, we were actually competitive with the bat but our defense was not as solid as it has been; additionally, the ump was very strict with the strike zone and did not force the other team to swing. Walks made a big difference in the game. Paul cranked another Home Run.

Update (8/12/10) - Forfeit, not enough players tonight

Update (8/5/10) - Loss 9-2, atleast we went the full 7 innings. We finally faced a team that felt like a D level team instead of the a D+ or C.

Update (7/29/10) - We finally were hitting tonight, though we did lose again. Paul hit a solo home run.

Update (7/22/10) - Another loss tonight. We were very short handed, picked up three extra players. 19 to 1 called in the 5th.

Update (7/15/10) - Rainout

Update (7/8/10) - We were killed tonight, 16 to 1. The game was called in the 4th inning.

Update (7/1/10) - We played our first game as Team ENWORB tonight (10-6 Loss). This is our first summer playing at Indianapolis Sports Park, we are a D level team composed of Duke Energy employees and friends from church.


M. Gates Browne - Professional Profile

I've got my professional profile up and the job search continues for a structural engineering position (post graduation). I've applied for several positions, most back east.

Update (12/01/09)

I have been at my new job for two months and it has been a great experience. I am working for Duke Energy perform electrical substation design (atleast the physical portion). It has been a challenge to get up to speed and orient myself, but I am learning quite a few things about substations.


Graduate School

Gates is preparing his applications for Grad School. He has taken his GRE (Verbal 550, Quantitative 760) and is waiting on a some transcripts to complete his applications.

Arizona State University

Update (7/6/09) - I finally received my piece of paper. Have a look...

Update (5/9/09) - I had my last class on Monday. I am very relieved. Seems like I have been in school forever and the end is finally here. I have three finals next Monday and Tuesday and then I am done. Graduation is on Friday the 15th, though we have no plans to spend any time at the graduation functions.

Update (4/24/09) - Everything appears to be set for graduation. My senior design report is finished (our group gives our presentation next week). I have one more week of class and finals start May 6th.