Laptops, Laptops, Laptops

Today I got three packages through UPS: a new system board for my old A31 (ordered from ebay), my X61 Tablet back from repairs (almost 48hrs without my baby, very sad), and Angie's new IdeaPad.

I spent most of the day getting Angie's netbook configured as well as the A31 put back together. I'm going to sell the A31 (friends and family are welcome to let me know if they are interested).

Netbook Specs:

Lenovo IdeaPad S10
1.6gHz Intel Atom Processor
512MB RAM (stock, parts on order soon to be 1.5GB)
10.2" widescreen
color = PINK

A31 Specs:

1.9 Pentium 4
40gig HDD
2x Batteries (about 2-2.5 hours)
15" display
Plenty of power adapters

The laptop is fairly large and rugged. It has a new motherboard and should last for a few more years with some gentle care.

I hope to have a better review of Angie's netbook soon.